Internal Examination

The assessment in "Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service" will be made by the school and the result will count towards the award of the certificate. The school will be required to follow the instructions sent by the Council in the matter of keeping records of the work and the assessment of each candidate in "Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service".

Subjects for The Examination at The End of Class X are: 

Groups                                                                         Percentage Marks

                                                       External Examination           Internal Assessment

Group 1 (Compulsory)

English                                                       80%                                          20%

Hindi                           80%                                           20%

Civics, History & Geography                     80%                                           20%


Group 2  

Mathematics                          80%                        20%

Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)               80%                                      20%

Computer Science                                           80%                                        20%