Principal's Desk


Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

Welcome to Pratma Palande School!​

At  Pratima Palande School, we focus not only on pursuing academic excellence but also believe in motivating and empowering students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society.              
We understand the fundamental role families play in shaping the life of a child and are committed to work collaboratively with parents to support and encourage each student achieve their personal best, be self-aware and respectful of others. We encourage students to learn the value of respecting relationships between teachers, friends, family and community members.
We have painstakingly handpicked our staff to ensure we provide the best learning experience for our students.Our school curriculum intellectually stimulates students while allowing them to develop other important qualities like social adaptability, independence and leadership qualities.
Through our holistic education and guidance, we plan on laying the foundation for life-long learning so that our students can develop their mind, body and spirit while also giving them the opportunity to discover their true gifts and passions.  


"Good luck and wish you a year of purpose and fulfilment!"


Mrs. Rajul Sen
M.Sc (Anthropology), B.Ed
Principal Pratima Palande School and Junior College - Shikrapur.




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