Dear students and parents,

It’s my pleasure to state that, Kasturi Shikshan Sanstha’s - PRATIMA PALANDE SCHOOL is inculcating values and morals meticulously and imparting education in every field. The school has ultramodern infrastructure and qualified experienced faculty, well equipped laboratories and a well-stocked library.

In order to meet global challenges of the everchanging demands at the higher education level, the school practices an all-round grooming of the students to fit into their future endeavors. It conducts several programs and competitions from time to time to update the knowledge of students in keeping with time and to build a strong character.

Welcome to PRATIMA PALANDE SCHOOL! Our mission is to help our students acquire knowledge, nurture and challenge them to help them explore their true potential and provide them with the skills, the right attitude and a platform which will help them become the best version of themselves.
At Pratima Palande School we focus not only on pursuing academic excellence but also believe in motivating and empowering students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society.
We focus on learning and not on teaching by imparted the right set of skills right from our primary level, i.e. from pre- nursery and we keep on reinforcing these values as our children grow.  Our staff consists of teachers who are experienced and well trained at understanding our student’s requirements and needs.
Pratima Palande School is known for its strong education but we also believe in providing our students with extra-curricular activities to nurture the interests of our students and to help develop their physical, intellectual, and emotional development.
We understand the fundamental role families play in shaping the life of a child and are committed to work collaboratively with parents to support and encourage each and every student achieve their personal best, be self-aware and respectful of others as well as learn to value and respect the relationships between teachers, friends and peers, family and community members.

We have painstakingly handpicked our staff to ensure we provide the best learning experience for our students as well as chosen our school curriculum that will intellectually stimulate our students, while also allowing them to develop other important qualities like social adaptability, independence and leadership qualities.
Through our holistic education we plan on laying the foundation for life-long learning  so that our students can develop their mind, body and spirit while giving our students the opportunity to discover their true gifts and passions.


Wish you a successful and fruitful academic year ahead!

Dr Jayashree Palande

Kasturi Shikshan Sanstha, Shikrapur, Pune

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